The choice of media presentation of your work is Diasec ® principle.

With the method Diasec Pleximontage face image of a photographic printing chemically adheres to the back of a transparent plexiglass (PMMA) with a decoration on the back. This patented method allows for optimal image rendering and unmatched support for your table thanks to the quality of materials and processes used.

This is a very luxurious presentation that provides rendering bright and contemporary, it is more direct printing, but a true photographic print.

The draw gallery Diasec ®:

It is a professional photo lab with an official Diasec ® license, which produces digital prints (photos) and Diasec ® finish. It is professionally printed high quality used for the most prestigious exhibitions, including rendering, sharpness and contrast are optimal in both color and black and white.

Laminating PLEXI / PLEXI:

The print is covered by a sheet of Plexiglas acrylic. The adhesion is performed without glue between the two liquid reaction components. The system bonding Diasec ® is completely free of dust, air and any traces of glue and the draft is well protected bubble.

Then he stuck without welts on a second plate of Plexiglas acrylic. The advantages of Plexi-Plexi: using the same material as the front to the back, it removes most of the tensions that arise when bonding materials are different. The edges are then given a high-gloss polished finish, which promotes lateral greater amount of light incidence and highlights more intensely details and image contrast of polished edges provide couleurs.Les also visually superior finish. Plexiglas ® is unbreakable, highly resistant to wear and aging and offers great protection against UV.

A rectangular frame (aluminum profiles) on the back of the white acrylic acrylic stiffens the structure while giving the impression that your table is off the wall. The development and implementation hangs easily with a ruler to hang under the table.

All these tasks are performed in order to craft a given particular care to finish. Patented Diasec ® is the only method capable of providing a guarantee of several years and it is not by chance if it is recognized by many museums around the world.

WARNING: There are however many false Diasec products on the market, which can not guarantee this. As their « producers » do not have the license, they resort to various subterfuges collage.

Maintain your Diasec ®:

Your table « plexi » cleans very easily and only occasionally with a cloth « microfiber » and cleaner « modern surfaces » (eg Fairy house modern surfaces)